Process and Fees

Our Process and fees of using our service

Property hunters, here to help you remove the stresses of moving and the worries about finding the perfect place to relocate.

Relocating is a dream – the space, the fresh air, the different pace of life, being able to spend time with the family and have that work-life balance you’ve been craving, but then you start looking into it and you realise just how much work is involved.

It’s more than just finding the house, it’s choosing the location near all the lifestyle factors that are important to you and your family and finding somewhere that will still be perfect in 1, 5, or even 20 years.

Why not let our property finders do all the hard work for you?

Capital to Coast is here to help you. We will be your one-stop shop and your house hunters, bridging the gap between your coastal dreams and making it a reality. Employing us to help with your move will save you time, lower your stress levels, make sure you’re not wasting money on the wrong decisions, and help make the whole process run smoothly.

How does the process work?

Step 1

You have that burning desire to relocate. It’s been at the back of your mind for a while. Maybe you’ve done some research and looked at properties in different areas, but deciding where is right for you and your family feels like a huge decision.

You’re worried about the time it will take, the amount of work that will need to go into it, and the long list of things you need to think about before you could even think about moving, but then you came across us. You saw that we could help you through every step and make your relocation easy. Step 1 of the process is for you to let us know you’d like to know more about our services and then we can arrange a no-obligation chat to see if we are the right property finders for you.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a sales call. It’s just a conversation to see if we’re what you’re looking for and tell you a bit more about how the whole process works and what you’ll get from working with us. If, after the call, you’re ready to get started then we will send you over our questionnaire so we can find out more about you, your family, and what you’d like from you’re the area you move to, and the house you choose. Again, this is all no-obligation and it gives you a chance to think about your priorities, wants, and needs and it gives us lots of information to base our property searches on and our advice on what areas would suit you and your family.

Step 2

Once you have paid your one-off fee to start the process (see the table below for more information). Emma, Andrew, or both of them will give you a call. Then we can get started and dive deeper into the questionnaire you’ve completed, thinking more about your dreams, requirements, wish lists, and lifestyle, so our property finders can begin to search for you.

Step 3

One of our team will show you around the potential new homes in your ideal location online. This is where we bring together all of our experience and knowledge and all the searches we’ve done for you. We will collate potential properties for you to review and any that you like we can look at when you come to explore the area with us. We might throw in a few curveballs for you just keep an open mind when looking at these.

Step 4

Area and property exploration day. This is when we will should you around your ideal location and the houses you’ve chosen from our property searches. They won’t just show you the houses, but they will also take you around the local area, visiting all the places that are important for you and your family, take you to meet the locals, and let you get a real-world feel for your dream coastal location.

Step 5

On completion of your property purchase, you pay us a fee of 1.5-2% of your property cost. If we are helping you with a rental property you pay us 1 months rent once you have a date to move in to your new home.

You can choose from a single or multiple exploration days (and you can upgrade your package at any time). You can find our fees in the table below.



Location Visits


% on completion < £750k


% on completion > £750k




Location Visits


% on completion < £750k


% on completion > £750k




Location Visits:


% on completion < £750k


% on completion > £750k


If you have any questions, would like to talk to us or are ready to start working on your relocation search with Capital to Coast then please get in touch.

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